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For transwomen/transgirls: You should consider veganism for more then moral reasons.

Vegan diets consist largely of Soy, (at least for me). Over long periods of time, long periods of consumption through say, soy milk, your body produces less testosterone and more estrogen. Essentially, a soy based diet definitely doesn’t have the same effects as hrt, but for people who cannot get hrt, being vegan is a good temporary replacement for it. It’s certainly less expensive then hrt. The downside is it takes a very, very long time to become physically noticeable. That said, that also might be a plus if you’re in a position where hrt isn’t available.

Even more, most meat and other animal products (vertebrates) tend to raise your testosterone.

So if you are capable, and you are a transwoman, eat less animal product and more soy for a slight increase in estrogen production within your body. And nobody will ask questions.

fuck offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

At least be polite you asshole

i am not required to be polite, especially in responding to a shitty attempt to emotionally manipulate people into being vegan. as a trans woman, and as a human being i cant abide by this.

the op is textbook predatory cause-evangelizing that targets people’s insecurities. why are people reblogging this with anything but vitriol at the op

it’s like triply awful because the last thing people in these situations need is a boneheaded pseudo-religious diet that subjects them to vastly increased risks of malnutrition

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At the appointed time, Allen West will staple his wax death-mask of Reagan over his heart, and stalk into the Rush Mansion. Every inch of his fluttering trenchcoat is sewn with gore-strewn abortion photos, and a fetal heartbeat stutters from the iPod clenched in his teeth. His katana is blessed with the blood of liberals.

In the gaudy darkness, he finds Limbaugh waiting, perched on wooden clogs hand-carved from Lincoln’s cabin. Lying on the infinitely tacky rug beside him, already broken and ruined, is Glenn Beck. Beck weeps blood tears through the hollow sockets of his flag-painted gimp mask and gnashes his teeth in animal despair. Beck’s arms, horribly burned, had been dipped in purestrain gold and fashioned into crude spikes. But his star fell long ago.

With a practiced motion, Rush spins his twirling microphone like a flail, it’s glittering diamond shaft wrapped with barbed-wire and human teeth.

West spits out the iPod and hisses, equal parts blaring static and lion’s roar. Rush’s gut quivers in anticipation.

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My 6 year old insists that Spiderman is her boyfriend.


She also insists that if he ever learns to talk (if) she’s going to marry her cat when she grows up.

Perhaps she doesn’t fully grasp what these relationships mean yet.

Perhaps she understands them better than any of us.

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Good to see oompa loompas finding stable work after getting laid off at the Wonka factory.

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the new compilation album from MECHA YURI & friends. 
[ meyu · LP-202 ]
to be released AUGUST 1ST. 
album artwork by fourcolon.
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the new compilation album from MECHA YURI & friends. 

[ meyu · LP-202 ]

to be released AUGUST 1ST


album artwork by fourcolon.

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i get that some people have an ideological objection to sociology research studies done on trans people because they don’t address core issues that the trans community has and are perceived to be a way for cis researchers to advance their careers by using trans people etc etc blah blah

but i’ve also seen a bunch of people making their core complaint that trans people’s labour is being exploited to make this happen. buddy, it’s a fuckin’ survey, c’mon.

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i’m interviewing for a position as an escort at a furry club. look at this. look at this fucking fake virtual sex office.
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i’m interviewing for a position as an escort at a furry club. look at this. look at this fucking fake virtual sex office.

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AB Positive Blood Anti-Discrimination Posters: “Changing Minds, Changing Lives”

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if you talk about transition as a thing that’s finished by getting genital surgery a big and important part of me is going to be uncomfortable with you forever jsyk

fucking cis people in my life and my friends lives have asked about our “transition date” like it’s literally something you throw money at until you’re done. like it’s buying a fucking boat

well boats are a huge waste of time and money. makes u think.

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Bro 1: bro let's get matching anchor tattoos
Bro 2: why bro?
Bro 1: so our broship doesn't float away
Bro 2: bro..
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